Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A tail of two kitties

Good evening fellow furpals, it's me Phanto at the keyboard. Jess was out and about this evening and when she came back home she found three black kitties wondering around outside! They were visiting a fellow neighborhood kitty (who has a collar) and chatting amongst themselves. Jess has pictures of two of the younger black kitties from a previous encounter in which she was followed around non-stop! This time however it was a completely different story. The four kitties were content with sitting across the street on their own turf. When Jess first encountered these cats, they were very needy and wanted to be petted every second. A few months ago Jess found one of the kitties with a collar around its neck tangled around one of its shoulders. She freed the poor cat and it then followed her to our front step. It jumped on our balcony at three in the morning and proceeded to scream ceaselessly! That is until Jess escorted it off our property and sprayed it with room temperature water. Luckily the cats have cooled off, which I think has to do with getting older. So I have filled you in on the the tail of two kitties...

Purr forth my furry friends...

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  1. Hello, Phanto and Truman! It is nice to meet you:) We are two blogging kitties from Australia. Have you been by the Cat Blogosphere? It is the hub for a lot of blogging kitties. The address is http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com/