Monday, November 9, 2009


I should start with a simple introduction! My name is Truman and I am an active member of Dogster, you can visit my pet page by clicking here! I am a 9 year old Toy Fox Terrier who loves to eat food all day long, chew on my favorite prized blankets and sleep on the sofa. My other interests include wrestling with my brother Phanto to keep in shape, sunning myself and playing in my Gramma's backyard. I created the Atomic Terrier Times to keep all my friends and followers up to date on my daily adventures and antics!

To your left is a picture of my brother Phanto, you can visit his Catster page by clicking here! He asked that I submit this picture of him because he thinks he looks most handsome in this shot. Phanto is pronounced FAN-TOE, just like that. Like the word Phantom without the um. Phanto is a 9 year old white cat who enjoys cellophane, laser pointers and playing fetch. Yes, you read that last word correctly, play fetch. He is my best friend and wrestling companion. He will be an active part of this blog, but wanted me to write an introduction for him. Some of Phanto's other interests include bird and critter watching, catnip, chin scrubs, and running through the house screaming bloody murder when he's bored.

Both Phanto and myself are accomplished models who have completed several arduous and humiliating photo shoots. We have braved modeling hats, shirts, blankets, glasses, as well as feather boas.

The point of this blog is to prove that the best way to live your life is to be yourself! You have the most fun when you follow your heart and your dreams. Even if your dream is to eat steak and sniff out fellow neighborhood pups! We hope to bring you daily encouragement and entertainment! We also want to stay in touch with our pals!

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