Thursday, November 19, 2009

Neighborhood kitties aren't they pretty?

Happy November 19th Everyfur! (It's one week 'til Thanksgiving as well as the pawsome dog show!)

I wanted to introduce you to some of our neighborhood kitty friends. Orange Crush is a tabby mix, and then there are two black kitties who we like to call just for fun Trixie and Treat. The two black kitties have many friends that we have not had an opportunity to snap a photo of. I use to date O.C. but she ended the relationship abruptly when she met another man...It's a sensitive subject in my book. Phanto met Trixie and Treat, but they just hissed like mad...

Orange Crush makes herself scare when I'm around, she only speaks to Jess privately. But, we all must move on right? Have a wonderful week-before-Thanksgiving!


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